1985 Mercedes w/ single tank WVO conversion

Our trusty family member needs a new home.
This has been our everyday car for over 5 years. We were literally given a newer 1993 MB and there is no room for two. For a car of this age (170K) the body is in beautiful condition with a couple of small rust spots just developing; engine is strong; interior has small cracks, rips and stains; transmission is developing a knock in 1st gear under load but still performing normally otherwise. It is converted to a single tank WVO system (You can mix and match both WVO and diesel fuels) and comes with nearly 100 gallons of filtered WVO, pump and other related equipment. It has a current VA inspection good to July 2012. Heat and AC work although AC could be colder. She has always been dependable to start on the coldest winter mornings.
There are many little things that need fixing like the rear windows (not working) and the sunroof (works, but will not close completely -- oddly, no water gets into the car)--these are issues that are way too expensive to have fixed at a dealer, but perfect for a DIY'er who knows the value and longevity of these cars --(you know who you are) ☺

please email for more info or to have a look and a test drive.

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