1985 Mercedes w/ Greasecar WVO conversion, professionally installed

1985 Mercedes TD converted to run on WVO with a 2-tank system. I bought it in Texas (which means no rust!) on E-bay and had the Greasecar 2-tank system professionally installed. It runs great on either diesel or WVO. Even the air-conditioning works! It has newish black leather (or leather-like) seats and I have the black leatherish door panels that could be installed to replace the current tan ones. (A friend let me have the very nice interior parts of his totaled Mercedes. Score.)
Due to an act of stupidity I destroyed the engine shortly after having the conversion done. So it also has a rebuilt engine, again professionally installed. Now the bad news: the temperature gague is broken (I think the sensor needs to be replaced), the temp gague on the WVO system is not working (I just make sure it heats up for fifteen minutes before turning it on), and the front left and back right panels have body damage.
It comes with a turn-key ready hotwater heater-centrifuge grease filtration system and all of my existing grease that you care to haul away. (I think the centrifuge may need fixing, I'm not sure).
Long story - divorce, house is on the market, no time, no inclination to continue a relationship-oriented project. So take it on and enjoy for $3,000.00. It was fun while it lasted! selling as is


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