1985 Mercedes 300TD Knoxville TN

1985 Mercedes 300D, turbodiesel. This car was purchased from the original owner last summer. The engine had been replaced and had only 60K. The transmission shifts well and the engine has great power whether one 100% veggie, a mix, or straight diesel. The conversion is a single tank system that takes the main fuel line and routes it through a vegtherm, which heats the oil to 140 degrees in literally seconds (we checked it with a infrared gun, though you could used your finger). There are also inline heaters to make sure the oil is as hot as possible right before it enters the engine. This system can easily be turned on or off depending on what your running.
We have put a lot of money into this vehicle to get it running for the long-term, but we have made a decision to move back above the Mason-Dixon to be closer to our families and I don't think the car would last in the winter's there, and we can't keep it as a luxury. We have put in over $2500 in the car, and would be happy to refer you to our mechanic, an independent owner who only works on mercedes, if you wish to inquire further into the car, though we may have to figure something out since I doubt he wishes to have many phone calls about the matter. Anyways we have had the following done in the past year:
New headlight bulbs w/ adjustments
All new breaks and rotors
New filters
Fixed the parking brake, which cost a lot but is well worth it
New bushings for the front wheel joints
Both front sway bars
Drive shaft support bearing
Both front shocks
Left lower ball joint
Alternator belts
Coolant Flush, new wipers, the missing wheel cap in the pick is on the spare tire I didn't have a chance to change it yet.
Everything works on the vehicle, I have never had a problem with the vacuum system, moonroof, windows or doors. The car has great power, it just needs a warm climate.
Please click on the following link to look at the pictures. I will post additional pictures and any specifics if asked.


I will try and respond quickly to all emails. Thanks,
Mike Mueller mueller.mike24@gmail.com

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