1985 benz turbo diesel 215k miles virginia

1985 Mercedes Benz 300 d turbo diesel. 215k miles, automatic, dark blue with tan leather interior. Around 25-28 mile per gallon. New tires. Sun roof. CD player with new speakers. One small whole in passanger seat. Power windows, manual door locks, the car has very little rust around the lower quarter panel, and the car is 23 years old. The clock on the dash and the oil pressure gauge do not work. Antenna does not retract. Runs very strong. Small amount of play in turbo. Has 3 small cracks in wind shield (doesn’t affect the driving was driving behind a big truck when they went off the road a little bit and picked some small rocks up and they hit it.). The paint is in pretty good condition for 23 years old. I put a nice coat of wax on the car and it shines like any old car. Air compressor is low and will need to be replaced if you want A/C (the way the windshield was designed it allows a lot of air to flow into the car when driving down the road.)

I have been running the veggie oil in the car. But due to college and work I no longer have the time to do it. 18 credit hours and working 5 days a week. The car is great for the conversion. And I have all the parts to do it.

Lovecraft heated filter- is designed to take the cooling fluid from the car once it is war, run it through a filter and heat up the fuel line before it goes into the car. It also has a return line back to the gas tank to heat that up as well.

Lovecraft electric fuel pump-for all of those cold mornings when the fuel is really thick. The stock fuel pump will burn up if the fuel is too thick.

Fuel line heaters- I have 2 of these. The first one is for the injector lines. Before you start the car just turn the key to accessories and the heaters will heat the injector lines to around 200 in about 2 minutes. This will put less strain on the engine and allow it to last longer. Second heater is for the fuel line from the tank to the engine bay. It does the same thing as the first heater and makes it a lot easier on the Lovecraft fuel pump.

12 micron filters. (4) 10 micron, (4) 5 micron and (4) 1 micron filters. For filtering the dirty WHO (waste veggie oil) into clean veggie oil.

1100 watt heater for evaporating small amounts of water out of the veggie oil. 120 volt.

19 gallon hot water heater for cooking a large amount (one full tank of fuel). I ran it to a 120 volt power source so I could hook it to my garage.

55 gallon drum with screw on top. Bought from G.I. JOE surplus place. For storing the oil after you has finished everything that you want to do with it.

Small electric pump. With tubing on both ends. And it is powered from the battery of that car. I use this when I got to the restaurants just flip a switch and it sucks the oil from the trap or 50 gallon drum and puts it in the containers in the trunk. Will need to make a small filter or just use one of the micron ones to keep debris out of the pump.

4, 5 gallon gas cans that I bought new and have only had veggie oil in them. Never gasoline.

And the filtering station is the last thing. It consists of 3 5 gallon bucks with piping leading into each one gravity feed.

The Lovecraft heated filter, pump and heated fuel lines are not installed. I have not had the time. The weather is warm so the car can run on the veggie oil with a blend of diesel. I can install them for an extra fee. Its mostly plug and play with the pump, and heated fuel lines. The heated filter from Lovecraft will require some hoses and about 2 hours to install. I have all the instructions for the Lovecraft parts and heated fuel lines to help you install them. Doing the WHO or SVO is basically free gas but it requires time. It also helps extend the life of you engine because it is already a lubricant.

I have been running a 50/50 mixture to break the engine. (50% diesel and 50 % veggie oil.) I have been it has about 1000 miles on the 50/50 mixture. You will go through a few fuel filters while experimenting they are only around 10 dollars at you local auto store. The veggie removes the deposits from the diesel that are in the lines and it all gets clogs up in the filter. Easy to fit, one bolt unscrew and then put the new one one. Make sure you fill the filter with diesel, or veggie oil.

I have invested a lot of money and time in the project with ordering parts and planning the system. My lose is your gain. If you have the time, drive a lot, want to help the enviroment, or just want to stop giving you money to the oil companies this is a great project. It will pay for its self in 2 years, or less depending on how much you drive.

For the 1985 benz and everything listed above 4250.00 obo


For just the 1985 benz 3800.00 obo.

located in gloucester virginia

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