1985 300SD wvo converted mercedes benz

This white, brown leather interior, 300SD is converted to run on vegetable oil and is fit with a Golden Fuels system by a mechanic at Beach Benz in southern California. It is a 15-gallon double-walled (heats up faster and stays hot longer) rectangular tank in the trunk. This car speeds up to 75 mph on 80% grease without shaking. Golden Fuels systems are exactly like the Greasecar system, which is more famous, just because they patented the design first. The Golden Fuels system itself is worth $1000! Stop paying an arm and a leg to fuel your vehicle! Really good grease is less than $1 a gallon!

It has 171,800 miles on it. There are cars of this type that are still running after 500,000 miles! Takes an average of 22 miles a gallon- give or take the difference between deisel and grease. Every 20,000 miles changed fuel filter. Every 3,000 miles changed oil. Wheel alignments every 6-3,000 miles. Never used a grease filter bigger than 5 micron. 126 body style- very unique, custom made vehicle . The interior is great, it has all power windows and covered moon roof which work flawlessly. Tinted back windows. Power seats (heated seat options still work too) Working CD player!!! Good A/C. Original automatic transmission . Original engine. I replaced all hoses and bought all new tires in January, hasn’t been driven in 3 months for more than a few blocks every couple of days just to keep things smooth. Included are all original items including manuals, spare, jack, and almost-perfect condition. Passed Arizona Emissions testing.

I say “almost-perfect” because of minor damage to the hood. It is slightly raised on one side, but shuts safely and opens with a little creak. Some small rips to the interior- leather pieces that gussy up the seat belt winders ripped at sides in the back seat. Driver side and Passenger side backseat pocket nettings ripped at the bottom (everything will fall out if you want them to hold stuff) but you can always put little doodads in the nifty drawers between backseat and rear windshield. They even lock! AND here’s a small catch: it needs about $1000 of work. It’s driving nicely but everything under the hood needs to be tightened up, and it needs a wheel alignment according to my mechanic. No rust. About $800 of work on the high end. AND the grease system does not seem to be working. I think my mechanic forgot to hook up the fuel hoses to the grease tank when he replaced the hoses because that’s when the grease stopped fueling the car. I know someone who will fix it- he said the job will cost less than $100. Need a WVO hook up? The guy I got it from is an airplane mechanic and is a genius at his side project- making biofuels and converting vehicles, and he’s really friendly.

a fully loaded grease car. All for $3,000! ok, plus some work done. but seriously, this is a REALLY great price for a quality veggie-converted Benz. Heck, I bought this car for $6,000 a year ago. In the 23 years this car has been around, it has only known 4 owners all from California and Arizona. We have all kept careful track of the paperwork so a new owner can have an idea of Claire's history. Yup. The name is Claire. but I know I give up that name when I sell it. That’s OK. I can’t bear to part with her, but I moved to San Francisco and public trans is so good up here, owning a car doesn’t make sense. But time is running out for me- I've already moved from PHX and need to sell at a lower price. I already dropped the price b/c of the work it will take to make Claire tip top shape once again. But make an offer! Quickly- I need to sell by august 20th.

email with questions. call 315 877 7911 to make an appointment. First come first serve.

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