1981 vw rabbit caddy runs good, great heated fuel system for veggy

1981 diesel runs great. I wish I could keep this car, but I need the $$. This car has a heated secondary fuel system that allows you to run on alternative fuels in any weather!! this is not a kit off the internet, this is a custom heated fuel system that has been tested.... over 50,000 miles. Chicago, vegas, San Fransico, florida, chicago...all for free!!! no proessing, just drive up to the KFC fill up and drive away... no de-watering, no prefiltering, nothing!!! 42mpg at 55mph, 33 mpg at 75mph!!!! I will deliver this car for free to anywhere that frontier flies. don't let this get away.... it's a steal, call Kirby @ 303-419-6597. This car can run on diesel, biodiesel, svo, wvo, beef fat, butter, transmission fluid, engine oil, vegetable oil... just about anything!!!

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