1979 WVO / biodiesel / diesel Mercedes for sale - $3100 No leaks!!

You don't find Vege Oil Mercs very often in this kind of condition with a quality conversion by lovecraft. Here's the LoveCraft website. http://www.lovecraftbiofuels.com/
Look at the pictures to see how well maintained this car is.

This 1979 Mercedes 240 Diesel has 316k on it and has the flexibility you need letting you run on either vege oil (WVO), biodiesel, or regular diesel.
*Gets 36mpg.
* Has new tires
*No leaks! (Now that's rare)

The Mercedes runs great and is a great car to drive, very solid and reliable. I've been using it to commute from SLO to O.C.
We have decided to sell it because my wife does not like to drive a stickshift whereas I do...I'm sad but its time to part.

Come see it -
Call Jenny
805 602 8206

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