1000MT of UCO available at $750 per metric ton

We have used refined Soya bean oil available in stock that has been collected from provinces around China like ShangDong,Zhejiang and HeBei, etc. We currently have available 1000MT(+/- 287 000 gallons) of filtered liquid ambient,dewatered WVO which we can supply per month. We are looking to supply too serious and reliable buyers on a steady monthly basis.

Vegetable Oil Specification:
Peroxide value(meq/kg) 9.8
Acidity(% m/m oleic acid) 0.28
Soap amount(% m/m) 0.0048
Lodine value -56
Moisture(% m/m) 0.192
FFA 5% max
Saponification value 192
Unsaponifiable substance 1.46%
Impurities insoluble in ether 0.048%
Refractive index(40 degree) 1.469
Density 0.920

We are selling the oil per MT at $745 CIF,that is about $2.59 per gallon.

Payment terms:
20% TT and 80% LC

You are welcome to send SGS on your own account to come and inspect and test the oil.We can send you COA at your request,you are also welcome to visit and inspect factory.

Contact Details: bio-solutions@live.com

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