02 VW Golf TDI Greasecar WVO

I have a 2002 black vw golf TDI 2 dr 5 speed with 95000 miles on it for sale. This car has been converted to run on veggie oil (SVO, WVO) using the greasecar system. This means that you can collect use oil from restaraunts, filter it, and run your car for free. The car is in excellent condition mechanically. I recntly have replaced the glow plugs, brakes, shocks, oxygen sensor, tire rods and I change the oil every 3000 miles using full synthetic oil. Average mpg is 43-50. The grease car system works great especially in the warmer months. I have a computer installed that allows the driver to switch to and from diesel and veggie oil at a push of a button. The computer also gives an array of temperatures and fuel levels and automatically flushes the system when you reach your destination. There is also a zerostart block heater installed. The car runs great and has a lot of power. $14,000 OBO. All offers considered.
Newton, NJ

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