2003 Jetta TDI on 85/15 SVO/diesel

"I currently live in hot S florida and drive an 03 jetta TDI on a blend of 85/15 SVO/diesel. I do somewhat heat my fuel but not with a two tank system. For all you south flroidians listen up."


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wvo with gasoline and more

I have a 300D great car .....
More power now too with this mix ......

I run 5% diesel
10% gas
and add 30/1 2 stroke oil to the gasoline

then filter to 1 micron .. no heating the oil .... thinned by the gas and diesel

just gravity feed about 10 gallons in a hour
1/32 inch ....30 micron ... 5 micron .... 1 micron

Gene miamijin@yahoo

comments are welcome

wvo with gasoline and more

add 30/1 2 stroke oil to the gasoline
no lubrication problems for sure ... due to the lube loss due to the gasoline

all my 2 stroke garden tools say 50/1 ... i always put 40/1 never had a problem with any of them ... used the chain saw a lot here in miami, fl
..... hurricanes 4 large trees are gone :)

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